World's Worst Custom Corvette Keeps Getting Worse

Deranged genius? World's best internet troll? Eccentric weirdo? Nobody knows who the DragonVette owner-creator is, but rest assured he's still plying his craft. This time, updating the paint-thick plastic in a lovely black-and-white roller finish with a tasteful, Thundercats-esque logo. » 5/03/10 5:45pm 5/03/10 5:45pm

World's Worst Custom Corvette: Supercharged Update

Last week's utterly ridiculous Dragon Vette was spotted again and to nobody's surprise, now has even more add-on body cladding. It's also getting a Procharger Supercharger. Sure, because why not add extreme to absurd? » 4/05/10 9:00am 4/05/10 9:00am

The World's Worst Custom Corvette

Individuals with weak constitutions, young children and pregnant women may want to leave the room. What you're about to see is the single worst custom Corvette in history. We present — the Dragon Vette. » 3/29/10 4:30pm 3/29/10 4:30pm