Watch A Trip To The Drag Strip Go Hilariously Wrong Very Quickly

Put a pair of high horsepower vehicles trying to go as fast as possible side by side for a quarter mile over and over again and you're going to get some unbelievable crash footage eventually. Put an inexperienced driver in a Corvette Z06 with the traction control off and you're going to get an entirely different… »6/23/12 12:30pm6/23/12 12:30pm

RIP Big Willie Robinson, Sought End To Gang Violence Through Drag Racing

At 6'6", William "Big Willie" Andrew Robinson III — a bowler hat perched atop his head, his voice booming — cut an imposing figure among the youth of South Central Los Angeles during the 1970s. That figure both belied and contributed to his mission, which was to end gang violence and racial unrest through drag… »5/21/12 12:00pm5/21/12 12:00pm

High Horsepower Drag Car Attempts To Navigate Road Course And Fails Miserably

Put a vehicle notorious for its inability to safely navigate a perfectly straight drag strip on a driveway race track with plenty of turns and disaster is almost painfully inevitable. The car in question is the vintage fuel altered "Rat Trap" dragster and the "race track" in question is the driveway leading up to… »3/31/12 12:30pm3/31/12 12:30pm