Take a hot lap in an insane track-ready go kart

We sort of love the idea of the Palatov DP4, which is a track-toy kit car that combines the best aspects of a go kart with the closed-wheel design of a Batmobile. The DP4 is really like getting two in-one. » 6/16/11 3:00pm 6/16/11 3:00pm

I Eat Teslas For Breakfast

The dp1/e is a purpose-built electric racer. It weighs just 1,100 pounds and turned a 1:53 lap around Laguna Seca during this year's REFUEL electric car race, ahead of every Tesla there. [dpCars via TractionInc] » 8/03/10 3:00pm 8/03/10 3:00pm

DP4 Super Go-Kart Smokes Everything At The Track

Dennis Palatov's maniac dp4 super go-kart recently visited Oregon Raceway Park for its first track day. It murdered everything. Spec Miatas? Standing still. Ariel Atoms? Child's play. Here's an exclusive look at the car's first lap. » 6/04/10 5:15pm 6/04/10 5:15pm

DP4 Super Go-Kart Now On Sale

Since 2002 Dennis Palatov has been designing and building some of the most radical, rule-breaking cars ever envisioned and blogging all about it. It started with the awe-inspiring dp1, and now this, the smaller, less expensive dp4. He's taking orders. » 2/23/10 3:30pm 2/23/10 3:30pm