It's Alive! Hayabusa-Derived V8 Tested in Ariel Atom

We received the following note from Dennis Palatov of dp Cars. If you're not familiar with Dennis's exploits building his own track-day sled, the DP1, from scratch, you should get so. He's in the process of testing a 2.8-liter, 32-valve Hartley H1 V8, essentially two Suzuki Hayabusa engines made to occupy the same… » 9/18/07 7:44am 9/18/07 7:44am

Update on the DP1: Track Tested, New V8 on the Way

If you were skeptical Dennis Palatov could to get his DP1 street-legal track sled completed and into the hands of enthusiasts within this geological epoch, you've suffered a major setback. Since we last left Mr. Palatov and his team, they've completed track testing of the prototype, and will spend the winter cleaning… » 11/22/06 7:50am 11/22/06 7:50am