My Prediction For 2015 Weird Car Style Trend: Tweels

Wheels and tires – the sizes, the way they look, the way they fit – have always been key to car-style subcultures. Just look at Donks, stance, jacked-up monster trucks, etc. That's why I think this coming year will finally see the biggest stylistic wheel-and-tire leap of all: the subculturization of the tweel. »1/02/15 2:00pm1/02/15 2:00pm


A Little Pinto That Shouldn't; Wait, We Take That Back

Lets see. Would this mid-70s Ford Pinto mid-riser qualify as a Donk or a Bubble? Either way, I think we're all for this kind of thing, if only due to its blend of twisted irony and off-kilter car-to-rims value ratio. We're also wincing for those craptacular Pinto axles and poor differential struggling to make heads or… »8/23/07 8:39pm8/23/07 8:39pm