Here's What Overhead Cams Look Like At 14,200 RPM

This video shows an operational cutaway of a BMW S1000RR — a 193HP superbike — bumping against its 14,200RPM redline. A cam and valvetrain at 118 cycles per second is an amazing sight (and sound). (H/T to Chris!) » 2/22/10 2:00pm 2/22/10 2:00pm

The Spirit of Dodge’s Past Tries to Haunt Up $3,100!

Cheerleaders have spirit, yes they do, they have spirit, how ‘bout you? Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe is shaking our pom-poms for a Dodge Spirit, to see if it's anything to cheer about. » 12/11/09 8:00am 12/11/09 8:00am

The Nissan Figaro Treads Fine Line Between Retro and Cool

Nissans as pacifiers, Nissans as stop motion actors. Let’s now turn to a weird little JDM Nissan peppering the streets of London: the Figaro. » 5/13/09 8:30am 5/13/09 8:30am

Workhorse Engine of the Day: Fiat Twin-Cam

What's this? A Fiat engine clattering its way into this series, no doubt leaving splotches of oil and bits of metal on your monitors? Yes indeed, folks, back away from those Fiat stereotypes here; this engine is a true workhorse and a serious race winner as well. It was manufactured in one form or another for more… » 11/07/07 2:30pm 11/07/07 2:30pm