Chrysler Concept Car Mega Gallery

This be it, folks. Months ago Chrysler's former PR honcho, Jason Vines, talked about the future and blah blah, and two months later we have finally gotten a chance to see the Chrysler ecoVoyager, Dodge Zeo and Jeep Renegade concepts. We gave you all of the details earlier today and showed off Chrysler's oh-so-glorious … » 1/14/08 3:15pm 1/14/08 3:15pm

Chrysler Reveals Detroit Auto Show Concept Sketches Via Semi-Hilarious …

We give Chrysler PR main man Jason Vines a lot of credit — probably way too much — but it's because once in a while he's able to deliver from his ADD-adled mind some truly amazing attempts to break through the clutter and cacophony of noise that is automotive public relations. Whether it's fueling the fire of the " » 11/20/07 2:15pm 11/20/07 2:15pm