Chrysler Offers Employee Pricing On Dodge Viper, Extends Deal To Wal-Mart, Cerberus Employees

Further bolstering snarky bloggers' ruthless ribbing of Chrysler as a company on the ropes and desperate for any money it can get, the Cerberus »10/22/08 1:00pm10/22/08 1:00pm-owned brand is extending employee pricing to the . Employees, spouses, friends and acquaintances (basically the entire city of Detroit) can get any Viper as long as it isn't…

Dealer Porter Totally Destroys Limited Edition Dodge Viper SRT10

Imagine being a lowly porter at a Dodge dealership when you're handed the keys to one of four limited production Dodge Viper SRT10's in Southern California. The salesman hops in the passenger seat of the freshly purchased supercar and instructs you to drive down to the station for a fill up as the paper work is being… »4/02/08 6:00pm4/02/08 6:00pm