Awesome Dodge Tradesman 200, Shag Carpet Included

If there's one wacky automotive fad we missed but wish we hadn't, it'd have to be the vannin' movement. That wacky, proto-dekotora trend fueled by polyester and facial hair just speaks to our better sensibilities. So when we saw this groovy 1975 Dodge Tradesman 200 for sale on eBay, the urge to grow a handlebar… » 5/30/08 1:00pm 5/30/08 1:00pm

1977 Dodge Tradesman Van Has Star Wars Mural, Geek Love

This 1977 Dodge Tradesman200 van represents years' worth of lonely Saturday nights filled with geek-love and rightly so. It's adorned with a Star Wars mural fit for a Jedi. The van itself has seen some better days. This ladies-mobile has 100,000 miles on the V8 engine and the inside boasts a poorly-maintained lounging… » 3/21/08 11:15am 3/21/08 11:15am