Dodge Ram Pulls Down Bank Awning, Free Checking Privileges Revoked

After watching and rewatching this incredible video of a new Dodge Ram 2500 and its camper clip the edge of a bank awning, bringing the bank down on top of the truck's cab, it's hard to believe that all of the passengers managed to make it out unscathed (you can just see the driver bolting right before the camera goes… »7/11/08 1:40pm7/11/08 1:40pm


Chrysler To Produce Full Size Trucks For Nissan, What The Truck?

The good folks over at picked up on this interesting press release from Chrysler. It looks as though Chrysler LLC will be building on its relationship with Nissan Motors by building a full-sized trucks for the Japanese-European automaker. Dodge, as you all know, just came out with the new 2009 Dodge… »4/14/08 5:45pm4/14/08 5:45pm