Stupid Playboy Marfa Attraction May Kill Awesome Prada Marfa

Playboy Marfa, the attraction featuring a 1972 Dodge Charger planted on a cinder block next to the Playboy logo outside the middle-of-nowhere West Texas town of Marfa, has caused plenty of trouble since it went up. The state ordered it to be taken down. Now, it may take a more famous roadside icon with it. » 9/20/13 1:43pm 9/20/13 1:43pm

2013 Dodge Charger R/T Daytona: The Jalopnik Review

America used to be the land of big rear-wheel drive sedans, coupes and wagons with V8 power. That isn't the case anymore. But it's part of what makes the current Dodge Charger so unique; it's one of the last large, unapologetically old school V8 sedans left on the market. » 8/21/13 2:13pm 8/21/13 2:13pm

'Playboy Marfa' May Be The Next Great Car Geek Roadside Attraction

Ever been to Marfa, Texas? Located in the far western part of the state not far from the Mexican border, it's a tiny town that happens to be full of great restaurants, quirky art galleries, oddball cars and strange attractions. The last three come together in a new installation commissioned by Playboy featuring a Dodge … » 6/21/13 10:45am 6/21/13 10:45am

Watch A Dodge Charger Transform From New Into Post-Apocalpytic Cruiser

SyFy's Defiance is set in a post-invasion world of 2046 where various galactic races live alongside tough but bummed out humans in a drastically altered Earth. It also features a curiously modified Dodge Charger. How'd it get that way? This commercial explains. » 5/21/13 9:51am 5/21/13 9:51am

Check Out This Badass Real Life Transformers Cop Car

If there's one cop car that says, "hey, criminals, I'm gonna arrest the living crap out of you," it's the Charger. Maybe it's fitting that this all-black cop Dodge gets a Decepticon badge on the hood, and not one from Autobots. » 9/14/12 2:30pm 9/14/12 2:30pm

Masters Winner Bubba Watson Owns The Original 'General Lee'

According to his Twitter account, Bubba Watson, recent winner of the Masters, is a Christian, a husband, a daddy, a pro golfer, and the owner of General Lee 1. He bought the car in January at the Barrett Jackson auto auction in Scottsdale Arizona, shelling out $110,000 for the car form the iconic jump scene featured in … » 4/09/12 4:30pm 4/09/12 4:30pm

Dodge Charger Redline 426: So Hot It's Illegal

Chrysler may want to give the new Dodge Dart a well-accessorized introduction, but other product lines are getting some welcome Mopar-style attention as well. The only problem is that the best part on display for the Charger Redline 426 is the one you're not really allowed to use. » 2/08/12 1:30pm 2/08/12 1:30pm