Carmakers Want To Use Copyright Law To Make Working On Your Car Illegal

You know what a pain those plastic engine covers are? How they get in the way and hide your own car’s engine from you? Well, consider that black piece of molded plastic a metaphor for something much worse: the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Automakers are trying to use the DMCA to say you can’t work on or modify… » 4/21/15 12:05pm 4/21/15 12:05pm

Toyota Backs Down From Desktop Copyright Request

Toyota has contacted Jalopnik » 11/21/08 12:30pm 11/21/08 12:30pm and informed us their company's perplexing attempt to uploaded by users and hosted at was the result of an "internal miscommunication" and they they offered a sincere apology to those at the site involved in the fracas. This is a major reversal. As recently as Moday the company's…

Toyota Fights Web Site To Take Down User-Generated Desktop Backgrounds

The owner of DesktopNexus » 11/17/08 12:40pm 11/17/08 12:40pm, a major provider of user-generated desktop backgrounds on the web, was contacted by Toyota's lawyers and told any image featuring a Toyota, Scion or Lexus vehicle was property of Toyota and should be removed, including images created by users. As you'd imagine, the users at are not pleased…

Chrysler Wields The Heavy Hand Of The DMCA, Hits Self

Apparently the folks at the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid were pretty upset we liberated those "gag" commercials from the bureaucracy of Auburn Hills a while back. They've gone so far as to head on over to YouTube like a petulant child asking them "Mommy, make Jalopnik stop running leaks they get from… » 11/30/06 9:01am 11/30/06 9:01am