The Secret History Of The DeLorean That Became A Lamborghini Sedan

Yesterday, I was able to give you a few details about John DeLorean's dream sedan, the futuristic DMC-24. Today, I can share with you almost everything about it thanks to a detailed document sent to us by James Espey, Vice President of today's DeLorean Motor Company. Buckle up, we use a bit of time travel! »4/12/13 1:15pm4/12/13 1:15pm


The Proposed DeLorean Sedan Is As Coke-Tastically '80s As You'd Imagine

John DeLorean had many great ideas for keeping his (soon to become troubled) company even before the first gullwinged DMC-12 sports car left the factory in 1981. One was a bus, the other a utility vehicle, but the most exciting of them all of course was the DMC-24 sedan, which resulted in a rolling prototype created… »4/11/13 1:19pm4/11/13 1:19pm