Link Is Now In Mario Kart, And He Brought A Sword

The Smoking Tire Has An Appropriately Preposterous Forza 5 DLC

Matt Farah is kind of a car slut. That guy will drive anything. It's what makes him so much fun to watch. It's also what makes the absurd mix of cars in his Forza 5 car pack so enjoyable. A Fiat Punto, vintage Nova, and an Audi RS2? » 1/30/14 2:20pm 1/30/14 2:20pm

Be Awesome And Win A Jalopnik Forza Horizon DLC Code, Free Stuff

As you may have heard, we've gotten together with our fellow car nerds at Turn10 to create a Jalopnik DLC for Forza Horizon complete with the wonderfully batshit mix of cars you'd expect from us. » 2/06/13 2:00pm 2/06/13 2:00pm

Forza Horizon Will Have Downloadable Cars Right From The Start

We have been amped about Forza Horizon here for a few weeks. It may not be a sim racer in the truest sense of the word, but does that matter when a game is this much fun? » 10/17/12 10:00am 10/17/12 10:00am

The Forza 4 "Top Gear Car Pack" Has A Van And A Venom

Forza 4 is getting ten new cars in the new "Top Gear Car Pack" and they don't just reflect the whole supercars-and-explosions ethos you'd expect from the show. There are a few oddballs. » 4/25/12 2:00pm 4/25/12 2:00pm

The Forza 4 April DLC Is Alpinestar-iffic!

April's Alpinestars Pack for Forza 4 has already leaked, with everything from top-spec racecars to some of our favorite classics of all time. » 3/28/12 9:30am 3/28/12 9:30am

Forza 4 'ALMS Pack' DLC: Gentleman, Start Your Fantasies

Following up Jalopnik's own car pack, Forza Motorsport 4 is announcing their February DLC pack centered on sports racing cars. You can download it on Xbox LIVE starting on Tuesday, February 7 and we have the details on the ten cars getting released. » 1/31/12 4:30pm 1/31/12 4:30pm

Forza 4 January Jalopnik Car Pack: This Is It

Yes friends, Forzalopnik is back! We're pleased to announce that the next car pack for Forza Motorsport 4 will be the January Jalopnik Pack, available for purchase and download on Xbox LIVE starting Tuesday, January 3rd. Here's are the ten cars and all the details. » 12/27/11 12:00pm 12/27/11 12:00pm

The 15 new cars in Gran Turismo 5's Racing Car Pack DLC

Sony has a plan to make you forget all about the launch of that other racing sim today with the announcement of new downloads featuring 15 cars and two additional tracks as well as other in-game changes for Spec 2.0 of Gran Turismo 5 launching today. We hope you like four versions of the Nissan SKYLINE. » 10/11/11 10:00am 10/11/11 10:00am

Jalopnik Car Pack Brings DeLorean, El Camino To Forza Motorsport 3

The second of Jalopnik's two car packs for Forza Motorsport 3 is here! You'll be able to buy the pack, chosen primarily by Jalopnik readers, this Tuesday, December 14th through the XBOX Live Marketplace. » 12/10/10 10:00am 12/10/10 10:00am

Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition DLC Cars Are Chrometastic

What do you get in November with the $99 Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition — other than a car model, keychain, and a giant box? Five performance cars with chrome-themed paint jobs. Ahem, the fifth anniversary's usually celebrated with wood. » 8/04/10 10:00am 8/04/10 10:00am

Forzalopnik, Episode I: The Phantom Car Pack

The time has come to reveal the second of our two Forza Motorsport 3 downloadable content packs. This time, however, we're going to make you work for it. Wanna win some free stuff? » 3/01/10 2:30pm 3/01/10 2:30pm

Forza Motorsports 3 Hot Holiday DLC Pack: What's Inside

If you're one of the million gamers laying virtual tracks in Forza Motorsports 3, the Hot Holiday DLC pack offers ten cars with a combined 5,649 HP. Below, discover why you'll want these bruisers in your virtual garage. » 12/08/09 2:30pm 12/08/09 2:30pm