Here's How I Fixed My Embarrassingly Loud Mercedes S-Class Without Going Broke

A Mercedes-Benz S-Class should be a few things: luxurious, comfortable, and above all, quiet. My car was two of those things, but failed pretty miserably on the last bit because of one common component failing in spectacular form. Here’s how I fixed it with my bank account and sanity intact.

Here's An Incredibly Sketchy Way To Fix A Flat When You Don't Have The Right Equipment

It is said that the mother of all invention is necessity. The second you need something to work, that’s the exact moment that you’ll come up with a plan to make it work. However, sometimes the solutions you come up with, given a lack of resources, is less than optimal. Here is one of those times.

What Car Have You Really Wanted To Save But Couldn't? 

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’ve likely experienced the sad scenario of the old relic stashed away in a corner, collecting dust. When you ask the owner to buy it, he says “Not for sale!” with enough vigor that you know that he’ll die before he turns a wrench on the poor car. What cars have you tried to revive but…

Adam Savage's DIY Puppy Car Seat Can Be Secured in Place and Protects Your Upholstery

Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame and now at Tested, needed a car seat for his dogs that could go right in the back of his brand new car—one that would protect the leather interior, but still be thick and sturdy enough not to move around when they get boisterous. He made this, and it works like a charm.


This Incredibly Sketchy Homemade Electric Car Is The Tesla For Broke Gearheads

When someone takes a down-on-its-luck JDM econobox and turns it into a car worthy of overwhelming praise and unimaginable fear at the same time, they’re doing something right. That’s why Mighty Car Mods bought this busted Daihatsu with a homemade electric drive conversion in the hopes that it would be the backyard…

Essential Tips For Doing Your Generally Terrible Custom Motorcycle Lighting The Right Way

I disapprove of your decision to turn brake lights into skull eyes, but I’ll defend your right to do it. Within reason, people. Nobody wants to clean your ass off the pavement because they couldn’t see that Halloween decoration blinking across the highway. So we’ve got some tips for doing custom lighting properly.