French Grand Prix Going To Disneyland?

It's no secret that F1 Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone is pulling the plug on the French Grand Prix's current location at the Magny Cours race track. One of the main reasons being the location was way out in the countryside, not an optimal location for international tourists. And as we all know, F1 has become all… » 5/16/08 11:20am 5/16/08 11:20am

We're Too Fat for the Boats of Disneyland's Small World

Congratulations America! We've finally eaten our way out of our favorite childhood amusement park ride. When the boats for the famous It's a Small World were designed in the early 60s the average American man weighed 175 lbs and the average American woman was 135 lbs. Bwahaha! I weighed 175 lbs in seventh grade. The… » 11/02/07 10:45am 11/02/07 10:45am