Wheelchair Wheels: The Hungarian Kenguru

The Coolhunter bagged some new prey, a minicar designed for people in wheelchairs. It's the Hungarian-designed Kenguru, and we'd have sworn we'd already posted on it — but there's no record to confirm we've got more than a minor case of d j vu. The driver simply wheels up into it, locks in place, grabs the joystick… » 6/22/06 7:51am 6/22/06 7:51am

Loud Pipes Save Lives: Blind Concerned With Lack of Hybrid Noise

While the goal of most manufacturers is to reduce NVH levels as far as possible, one group is concerned about the run-silent-run-deep modus operandi of hybrid vehicles: the blind. Dependent on the sound of a revving engine to know whether the coast is clear at an intersection, sightless folks are worried about… » 10/19/05 7:44am 10/19/05 7:44am