​How To Drive Off-Road

Driving a truck off-road is the second most fun thing you'll ever do. After riding a motorcycle off-road, of course. Here's how you can start doing it, even if you don't currently drive the world's most capable vehicle.
http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/what-do-you-wa... » 10/27/14 5:05pm 10/27/14 5:05pm

Watch This And Appreciate Truck Racing As A Psychedelic Mud Carnival

This all-GoPro clip of "The Big House Brawl" race at The Off Road Championship series in Crandon, Wisconsin puts truck racing on a whole new level of funky, man. Watch for some fantastic synchronized jumps and one driver getting a faceload of mud, set to weird techno-carnival music. » 8/04/14 4:29pm 8/04/14 4:29pm

What's it like to compete in a national-level SCCA RallyCross event?

After competing at the SCCA RallyCross National Championship in 2013 and now the 2014 SCCA Dixie National Challenge RallyCross, I thought you all might want to know what it's like to compete in RallyCross at a nationally competitive level. » 6/12/14 10:50pm 6/12/14 10:50pm

Watch A High-Speed Off-Road Hill Climb Go Terribly Wrong

We've seen how beastly purpose-built off-road buggies can be. Even when the climb doesn't end as planned, these little monsters can take a tumble and preserve their passenger. I think driver Bobby Tanner here owes his roll cage fabricator a gift basket after surviving this insanity. » 6/30/14 3:11pm 6/30/14 3:11pm

DiRT 3 Gymkhana Mode: First Video

If you want to Gymkhana but don't have a 650 HP AWD Fiesta, DiRT 3 will give you the chance to shred around a Gymkhana course in style like Ken Block. To win, we suggest shredding like Tanner Foust. » 12/16/10 1:30pm 12/16/10 1:30pm

Oversteer My Bagel: Buy Some Jalopnik On A T-Shirt!

A while back, someone emailed us a T-shirt design based on some of my caffeinated, candy-powered babbling. Thanks to the efforts of a few intrepid Jalopnik readers, you can now buy a copy of that shirt. Who's in? » 7/27/10 4:20pm 7/27/10 4:20pm

2011 Subaru WRX, STI: First Drive

This is the 2011 Subaru WRX STI sedan. It's a four-door version of Subaru's legendary rally rocket, and it marks a return to the form factor that made the model famous. Is it any different from its hatchback sibling? » 7/19/10 9:00am 7/19/10 9:00am

How A 19-Year-Old Became A Rallying Legend

It is 2003, and a 19-year-old named Travis is about to climb into a rally car for his first real test. What follows will change the sport forever. This is how it happened. » 5/19/10 11:00am 5/19/10 11:00am

Oversteer My Bagel: Look Out World, Sam Is On A T-Shirt

A week ago, someone emailed us a design for what we are officially calling the World's Greatest Most Bestest Center Differential T-Shirt Ever What Ever Ruled the Land. Turns out people actually enjoy candy-fueled, caffeine-powered babbling. Who knew? » 3/30/10 1:00pm 3/30/10 1:00pm

Subarus, Mud, And The Fine Art Of Sideways

This is a Subaru STI. This is an ice-covered dirt track in the middle of Utah. And this is a man driving a car with a dab of oppo. This post? This is our guide to hooning a Subaru. » 3/17/10 12:00pm 3/17/10 12:00pm

Dirty Love: The Baja 1000 Toyota 4Runner

Toyota built a 2010 4Runner for last month's Baja 1000. The truck finished second in the Stock Mini class, and the Big T brought it to L.A. still covered in Mexican dirt. Amen. » 12/04/09 10:00am 12/04/09 10:00am

Guess That Rally Car: 100 Acre Wood Edition

It's bright red, loud and generally makes the greenies unhappy. No, it's not Rush Limbaugh; it's a rally car! Submit your guesses inside for fame and glory. » 3/03/09 4:20pm 3/03/09 4:20pm

VW Jumps On Dirt Car Art Bandwagon With Touareg Ad

Volkswagen, always being one with the hip kids across the Internet, has jumped on one of the popular Internet trends from a couple years back: dirt car art. When "wash me" was too dull, artists like Scott Wade began taking the dirt-coated windows and creating some pretty spectacular designs and now Volkswagen has done… » 5/13/08 3:00pm 5/13/08 3:00pm

Jalopnik Gets Dirty With Nascar Tonight!

This afternoon I'll be taking a drive down to Rossburg, Ohio, the home of the Tony Stewart-owned Eldora Speedway, for an evening of late model stock car dirt racing action. Eldora's a local track that turns into a boomtown each year for the "Dream Week" — a multi-day extravaganza of mud culminating in Saturday's… » 6/06/07 11:00am 6/06/07 11:00am