For $6,000, Buying This Vette Might Put Some Boogie into Your Nights

Rays and skates are typically bottom feeders, gorging themselves on whatever they happen to come across. Today, we've come across a '75 Stingray for Nice Price or Crack Pipe, and while an old fish, its price is pretty rock bottom. » 9/09/10 8:00am 9/09/10 8:00am

Who Knew Jalopnik Would Be A Big Bright Shining Interweb Movie Star?

Wow, we're totally in the bright lights now. Looks like the database of all things movies on the intertubes, IMDB, has decided we're worthy enough to be a star — a bright and shining star. True, it's at the bottom of their home page in the "Hit List" section, but when you're like us — and lacking in that "one special… » 1/05/07 10:02am 1/05/07 10:02am