Tracking the Mappers: Navigation Companies Video the World's Streets

Companies that supply imagery to nav-system providers are in a race to add reality to the mix. Okay, not so much a race as a really long, boring drive around the world, covering every single street. One Dutch firm is sending out an assault force of camera-strapped vans into the wilds of Europe to too just that, and… » 5/15/06 7:53am 5/15/06 7:53am

I Drive Past Your House: Windows Live Local in Beta

Visitors to the Montreal Expo '67 were probably led to believe something like Windows Live Local would be up and running by, oh around 1978. But the service, which provides a virtual driver's eye perspective of city maps, is just recently in Beta testing. Only parts of Seattle and San Francisco are covered, and that… » 3/03/06 9:50am 3/03/06 9:50am