This Is Why The Dino Wasn't Just A Low-Rent Ferrari

John Pogson of the UK's Italia Autosport is a pivotal figure in the world of Ferrari. He's been fixing, driving and restoring them since his early 20s, and has raced 355s and F40s. Who better, then, to tell the story of the Dino, an oddball sports car that became a legend. » 11/15/14 10:00am 11/15/14 10:00am

Dino 246GT: The lady dressed in sapphire

I never cared much for classic cars until recently in my 20s. For most of my life, particularly in my adolescent years, performance numbers defined the rank of a car and technology determined its desirability. It wasn't until last year I discovered the wonder of appreciating older cars that crowds overlooked and… » 2/23/14 3:48pm 2/23/14 3:48pm

For $44,000, is this 308 better red than dead?

Despite a longstanding relationship with Pininfarina, Ferrari awarded the design of their first mid-engined V8 car to cross-town rival Bertone, a decision that Pininfarina then, and many since, have rued. The seller of today'sNice Price or Crack Pipe 308 GTB4 has tried to rectify the styling, but his price might also… » 8/22/11 8:00am 8/22/11 8:00am

Romp through the twilight of the Golden Age of Porn in a black Ferrari Dino

The 1980 movie Insatiable is one of the classics of cinematic pornography. Thirty years on, it raises strange questions about the longevity of porn versus that of ‘70s Ferraris. Here, in all its big budget and completely SFW glory, is Marilyn Chambers driving a black Dino for several helicopter-shot minutes. » 6/17/11 2:30pm 6/17/11 2:30pm

Backyard Ferrari Of The Day: 1980 Crypto-Porschrarri Dino

You Ferrari fanciers have no doubt been pointing and hooting at the Fauxborghinis of last week's Backyard Lambo Of The Day series. Not so fast, signore! We're going to follow up that series with some Fauxrraris, cars that offend the purists just as much as they impress the rest of us with their low-buck (and sometimes… » 12/08/08 2:00pm 12/08/08 2:00pm

Vintage Racer Killed In High-Speed Crash At Mosport Raceway

This weekend weekend of bad motorsports keeps getting worse. Yesterday, Scott Kalitta. Today, Dino Crescentini, a ten-year veteran of vintage racing, died at Mosport International Raceway in Bowmanville, Ontario, when the Wolf Dallara Can-Am car he was driving — a car once owned by Canadian industrialist and Formula… » 6/22/08 9:50pm 6/22/08 9:50pm

Ferrari F149 Dino California GT Thingamacar Caught Without Crazy Rear Camo

Despite the deadline for the really real pictures of the new Ferrari F149 (or Dino, or California GT) being supposedly only days away now, new shots have surfaced showing the true shape of the car. Now we're getting somewhere, we can see the tail end drops off with a very Berlinetta-like gusto and the overall shape… » 5/06/08 1:20pm 5/06/08 1:20pm