Analysts Predict Diesel Cars To Double Or Triple In The U.S.

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place every weekday morning. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 5/19/14 9:21am 5/19/14 9:21am

Hey Idiots, Stop Saying Americans Won’t Buy Diesel Manual Wagons

There's this vicious rumor going around that says Americans won't buy diesel wagons, especially ones with manual transmissions. You see it on twitter, on forums and even our own comments. You're all wrong, so shut up. Diesel manual wagons are more popular than you'd think. » 4/14/14 2:20pm 4/14/14 2:20pm

Watch How They Assemble The World's Most Powerful Diesel Engine

The Wärtsilä 14RT-flex96C is not the latest deadly virus coming from the tropics to kill you, despite its name. It is, in fact, a diesel engine, designed by a Finnish company, and built in Korea. It is a very powerful engine. It is also a very enormous engine. Bigger than your house. I promise. » 3/06/14 10:20am 3/06/14 10:20am

Used Car Face Off: When Diesel Met American Luxury

Welcome to Used Car Face Off, where we find two similar or similarly priced used cars and ask you which one you would buy. Choose wisely! » 6/02/13 1:00pm 6/02/13 1:00pm

Volkswagen Fixes Their Diesels Because Idiots Keep Putting Gas In Them

Volkswagen has a problem with their diesel engines: You. You people keep ruining them by filling them with gasoline instead of diesel fuel. » 5/22/13 1:15pm 5/22/13 1:15pm

Is A Diesel-Powered Mazda Miata In Our Future?

Could you really stand the thought of a diesel Mazda Miata? Mazda engineers are apparently toying with the idea of the fourth-generation of the roadster, due in the next couple of years, being available with a super-efficient, yet totally uncharacteristic, engine. » 5/05/13 3:00pm 5/05/13 3:00pm

Fiat Wants A Huge Turbo Diesel V8 For Volkswagen Fighting Purposes

For years now we've been seeing carmakers trend towards smaller engines. V8s are getting dropped for V6s, and V6s are getting dropped for turbo fours. While that's good for emissions and fuel economy — and in many cases, performance hasn't suffered either — big engines are undeniably great in their own way. » 4/28/13 11:00am 4/28/13 11:00am

Are Fuel Pump Failures Sidelining Volkswagen's Diesel Engines?

The diesel-powered Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, Passat, Beetle and Audi A3 have been amongst the most popular diesel vehicles on the market (partially because they're most of the market), with dealerships reporting constant high demand -– TDIs are about 90 percent of sales in the case of the Jetta Sport Wagon. » 12/15/12 10:00am 12/15/12 10:00am

Volkswagen recalls 170,000 diesels for mysterious fuel defect

Volkswagen said today it would recall nearly 170,000 diesel-powered Golfs, Jettas and Audi A3 to fix a fuel line that could leak. What makes it more interesting is just how hard VW had to work to find the defect. » 10/06/11 2:30pm 10/06/11 2:30pm

Dis’ ‘Ole Chevette for an Oil-Burning $2,200!

Summer is over and Nice Price or Crack Pipe is putting away its white shoes for the year. Getting back to work, we're going see who loves the ‘80s, and more importantly, a Diesel Chevette. » 9/08/09 6:30am 9/08/09 6:30am

Report: US-Market Acura TSX Diesel On Hold

Honda has been talking up plans to add a diesel » 11/03/08 11:00am 11/03/08 11:00am to its US lineup, starting with an unnamed 2009 Acura model assumed to be the . Turns out Honda neglected to cover all its bases: The new engine reportedly passes emissions when equipped with a manual transmission but not when an automatic is bolted up. Acura wisely…

Diesel-Powered Tiger Champ Pickup Gets 37 MPG, Only Road-Legal In…

Mike Ward, CEO of Tiger Truck LLC, thinks his Chinese-designed, Oklahoma-built Tiger Champ truck is just what Oklahoma farmers need — particularly with 37 MPG from its Caterpillar-sourced three-cylinder diesel engine. With a retail price of about $13,000, the price point is certainly right. So why isn't the nation… » 7/21/08 9:20am 7/21/08 9:20am

Will The Mazda2 Come To The US Bearing Diesels?

As of late, it has looked as though the Mazda2 will not be making a visit to America, due mostly to the presence of the Ford Fiesta in the US market. We'd gotten close to accepting this and just moving on when Mazda once again piqued our interest. Jim O'Sullivan, head of Mazda North America, mentioned at a lunch with… » 3/03/08 3:15pm 3/03/08 3:15pm

What North American Cars Are Most In Need Of A Diesel Engine?

This week we continue to probe the shortcomings of American cars relative to their European counterparts. Yesterday, we asked what American cars should be rally-fied and got some interesting answers (our favorite was the idea of rallying a Panoz Esperante). Today is all about diesels. They have them. We want them.… » 2/13/08 11:00am 2/13/08 11:00am

Diesels On The March... On The Internet

We've got some good news for those of you among our readership that are constantly clamoring for new U.S.-bound diesels, it's working! According to Marketing Daily, a new report by BrandIntel entitled "Shaping the Future of Automotive Engine Technology" shows that positive online conversations relating to diesels are… » 12/19/07 3:00pm 12/19/07 3:00pm