A New Cat Diesel? JCB's Bamford Says He'd Buy Jaguar

What would a Jaguar XJ bulldozer look like? We may soon have an answer. Hot on his company's diesel speed record victory — 333 mph was the latest in the Dieselmax march-to-400 mph sweepstakes — Sir Anthony Bamford, CEO of JCB, is making headlines this morning by saying he'd be interested in buying Jaguar from Ford if… »8/24/06 10:13am8/24/06 10:13am


Oil Burner Smokes the Salt: Dieselmax Hits 300 mph in Bonneville

Those daring young Brits and their smelly rocket, the JCB Dieselmax, rocked the Bonneville Salt Flats yesterday, breaking 300 mph for the first time. Wing Commander Andy Green took the diesel-powered streamliner to 308 mph — and he says there's room to spare. While the only glitch was a parachute that failed to open,… »8/18/06 8:20am8/18/06 8:20am

Fastbound and Down: Videos of JCB's Diesel Land-Speed Car

Holy crap. When we heard JCB was going after the diesel land speed record, we pictured something exactly like the aero-slip DieselMax racer it came up with. But did we expect the twin-turbo slingshot to sound like a Cummins-powered Freightliner? Damn straight we didn't (tho it makes perfect sense — it is still just a… »8/04/06 12:12pm8/04/06 12:12pm