Watch a High Horsepower Diesel Drag Car Hit The Strip

Watching a high horsepower dragster tearing up the strip isn't exactly groundbreaking material—even if it is pretty awesome. That is of course unless the straight line racer in question is powered by a diesel engine you'd normally find in a school bus or a delivery truck with three turbos approximately the size of a… » 4/21/12 3:00pm 4/21/12 3:00pm

Banks To Drag 200+ MPH Diesel Dragster To SEMA

The diesel performance gurus at Gale Banks Engineering » 10/27/08 12:30pm 10/27/08 12:30pm are getting on the teaser bandwagon with this tail-shot of their new 200 MPH diesel dragster. Using a Duramax 6.6-liter mill not unlike oilburner — already capable of hitting 180 in the quarter — the company promises output well over 1000 HP and 1000 lb-ft of…