Fiat Is Now Using J.Lo's Ex-Boyfriend Diddy To Sell Cars

Hi, welcome to our new subsite, Us Weekly Jalopnik, where we provide you the latest in celebrity hookups and dustups in the automotive world. Today in scandals, is Fiat caught in the middle of a torrid love triangle involving new spokesperson Diddy and former spokesperson Jennifer Lopez? » 2/12/14 1:20pm 2/12/14 1:20pm

Diddy to Buy F1 Team?

Oh yikes. Sean Combs, after spending some time hanging out with Lewis Hamilton, has floated the idea of purchasing a Formula 1 operation at a dinner celebrating the launch of his new perfume, Unforgiven. Of course, 100k of the 150,000-quid dinner was spent on champagne, so who knows how many sheets of carbon-fiber… » 7/04/07 5:45pm 7/04/07 5:45pm

Diddy-Edition Range Rover a No-Go

According to the Land Rover Chronicles, that prospective P. Diddy Range Rover, rumored to be nigh earlier this year, was either cancelled or was never in the works. Although Ford officials had confirmed the company and the rap mogul (whose name is projected to be a barely-articulated "uh" by 2007) had discussed a… » 8/26/05 11:12am 8/26/05 11:12am