This Is One Of The Greatest Sketches In All Of Motoring

The freedom to design a car totally from scratch can often be intoxicating. It doesn't happen all that often, and even when it does the end result is usually far more conventional than the initial sketches. But those first brainstorming sketches can be truly amazing, like this one by Dick Teague in the early 70s. » 8/09/13 3:00pm 8/09/13 3:00pm

Gremlin X Marks the Spot for $4,600!

The letter X used to connote many things — a hillbilly's signature, movies with full-frontal nudity, or the location of pirate booty. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has an AMC X that also was best known for its booty. » 11/12/09 7:30am 11/12/09 7:30am