Shit. Dick Landy's Dead

"Dandy" Dick Landy, one of the most innovative men in drag racing history, has died of kidney failure at the age of 69. Proprietor of Dick Landy Industries, Landy kicked the 1/4 mile onto its ear with what was the predecessor to the Funny Car, rocked early Pro Stock, built a flathead that was good for 300mph at… » 1/13/07 8:15pm 1/13/07 8:15pm

Wha' Happen? Dick Landy, Wheelstanding A-100s, and Kids on Stingrays

So admittedly, Schwinn Stingrays and old funny cars aren't a patch on what's available today in their respective classes as far as performance goes. But let's face it, the badassness factor was so much higher in the day. They may not have hit 300mph 35 years ago, but their operators also weren't vegetable-chewing,… » 8/28/06 8:30am 8/28/06 8:30am

Calling Captain Chaos: Errors in The Cannonball Run

Could one of the greatest so-bad-it's- freaking- awesome films of all time actually have mistakes in it? So say the people at Movie Mistakes, claiming that there are a number of egregious errors in Dom DeLuise's finest hour, directed by Hal Needham and penned by Brock Yates (Hi Brock!). To wit: "JJ and Victor's… » 7/28/05 9:29am 7/28/05 9:29am