New Photos Of Dick Cheney On 9/11 Show The Gravity Of The Attacks

Just over 350 never-before-seen images of Vice President Dick Cheney on 9/11 have been released by the National Archives. They span the entire day, from him seeing the twin towers burning on a tiny TV in his office, to leaving to “an undisclosed location” (aka Camp David) that evening. » 7/25/15 4:14pm 7/25/15 4:14pm

An Intelligence Vet Explains ISIS, Yemen, and "the Dick Cheney of Iraq"

Today marks the beginning of what I hope will be many opportunities to introduce true practitioners in the world of spying and killing to Phase Zero readers. Our first guest is Malcolm Nance, a 34-year veteran intelligence officer who has worked the Iraq mission since 1987, fighting in all of our Middle East wars… » 4/22/15 12:10pm 4/22/15 12:10pm

Cheney, Speak Softly With NADA And Carry Big, Dick

The Veep who swings long and hard when he's talking politics, was decidedly flaccid today speaking in front of the National Auto Dealers Association (NAMBLA). The former oil exec spent a lunch hour praising the greatness of all-ah the auto design coming out of the automakers, and spent very little time speaking on… » 9/19/06 9:56pm 9/19/06 9:56pm