One-Off ASC McLaren Diamonback Viper Up For Grabs

Big Dodge Viper Fan? Have $295,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Always wanted to own one of the fastest, rarest Vipers ever made? Well we've got the car for you. » 1/02/09 9:45am 1/02/09 9:45am

Spy Video: Is This the 2008 Dodge "Diamondback" Viper?

The gang at say this spy video shows the 2008 Dodge "Diamondback" Viper — tooling around with a few of its friends — shot on video while undergoing desert-heat testing. As we'd mentioned previously, Dodge is skipping the 2007 model year for the Viper, and moving on to 2008, when it will reportedly roll… » 7/28/06 11:12pm 7/28/06 11:12pm