Diamond Bentley Key An Appropriately Unnecessary Accessory, Just Don't Sit On It

Luxury customization company Alexander Amosu will be offering a diamond-studded Bentley key fob for car owners who haven't made it clear enough to everyone they're more important than you are. The key will include 101 diamonds, totalling 1.09 carats, set along the wings of the Bentley logo. The F color, VS1 clarity… »11/11/08 11:00am11/11/08 11:00am


Lotus Celebrates 60 Years Of Simple, Lightweight Cars With A Diamond-Trimmed Lotus Europa

It's been 60 years of Lotus »9/12/08 12:40pm9/12/08 12:40pm, and in that time the British cottage automaker has produced a bevy of light, tossable cars that capture the essence of spirited driving. For that reason, we'll give them a bit of a break with their . That's right, this is a fully-loaded Europa with leather stripped off the most…