Gangster Whitewalls And Zebra Skin: Great Deal On Pimpish '84 Cadillac

It's probably the word "pimpish" in the description, coupled with the overwhelmingly tasteful purple velvet and zebra skin interior, that makes us want to test the reserve price on this '84 Cadillac. You seldom see pimped-out Reagan Era Cadillacs, and this one would be right at home in the Jalopnik Motor Pool (we'd… » 7/30/08 8:00am 7/30/08 8:00am

We Woke Up This Morning, Found Sopranos Cars To Be Auctioned Off

Barrett-Jackson will be auctioning off eight vehicles from The Sopranos March 26 through March 30 in West Palm Beach, Fla. These are the same cars that Tony and his gang of mobsters regularly did their dirty deeds. The highlighted car is Tony Soprano's 2003 Cadillac Escalade that was driven in the final three seasons… » 2/28/08 11:20am 2/28/08 11:20am

Bored By Cadillacs In Drab Colors?

What is it about Florida? The 2000 election, the Primate Aztek, and now this. What we have here is a 2000 Cadillac DeVille with a wild two-tone paint job, neon, spinners, the works. But mostly it's the paint... well, and the interior. If you buy this car- and the current bid is just $7600 at the time of this writing-… » 12/20/07 10:00am 12/20/07 10:00am

What Car Would You Drive Across Your Country?

Those of you with keen powers of deduction will notice today's question is asking about readers' individual countries. It's part of a plea deal with sniping internet bitches to tacitly acknowledge that other nations exist. So be it. We also think it will make the question much more interesting, as the car best suited… » 8/24/07 12:30pm 8/24/07 12:30pm