Detroit News' Danny Howes Needs To Quit Stealing Wert's Lines On Big Three "Bailout"

The Detroit News »8/25/08 12:00pm8/25/08 12:00pm' own most original, free-thinking business writer, Danny "Boy" Howes, has managed to say exactly what the other day without actually saying anything about Wert. Whether Howes was inspired while watching CNBC Friday or his opinions came to him in a dream, carried forth perhaps by , we'll never know,…

Detroit News Picks Worst Cars For Woodward Dream Cruise

Automotive taste is such a subjective thing. Two decades ago nobody would have thought Mopars would be the hottest thing on the strip and street, and yet we're staring at triple-digit Chargers these days. Given the pending Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend, the Detroit News has picked out the cars they believe to be… »8/12/08 3:00pm8/12/08 3:00pm

Detroit Auto Show Just Two Weeks Away, Cobo Hall Getting All Gussied-Up With New Walkway

The mother-of-all-auto-shows, the Detroit Auto Show, is just a couple of weeks away so it's now time to start the deluge of pre-Auto Show stories from the local Detroit press on how Cobo Hall's getting ready for the limelight. First to the plate is Bryce Hoffman of the Detroit News and his enthralling piece on… »12/31/07 10:15am12/31/07 10:15am

New York Times Takes Bill Vlasic for a Ride as New Detroit Chief

Looks like there'll be a new sheriff in town for the New York Times. The Old Grey Lady's gone and stolen Bill Vlasic, veteran of many a Detroit automotive battle, from the Detroit News to act as their new whipping boy Detroit bureau chief. If you'll remember, Vlasic penned the classic story of the famed "merger of… »12/27/07 5:01pm12/27/07 5:01pm

Detroit News Has The Key To The 2007 Labor Talks, No Longer Needs To Discuss Them

Given UAW contract talks have yet to begin, we're a little bit confused by today's "2007 UAW Contract Talks" piece by Bill Vlasic in the Detroit News. It's a segment trumpeting itself as the "last in an occasional series." But we guess it makes sense with the sub-headline under the piece making it clear where things… »7/17/07 8:15am7/17/07 8:15am

The Detroit News Thinks Ford Is So Innovative, They're 30 Years Ahead Of Themselves

Yeah, it's amazing how boldly moving FoMoCo was back in 1956. What other auto company could bring out the 80's model of their import-fighter in the mid-1950's? Only The Detroit News thinks Ford's got that kind of innovative thinking — or at least they think they do based on the picture above, attached to the article… »2/07/07 10:19am2/07/07 10:19am

Big Blue Oval Day: Didn't The Wall Street Journal Get The Memo?

Well, there's one big story on everyone in the auto industry's mind — what's up with FoMoCo's 2006 earnings? Although it was expected by all but the biggest Kool-Aid drinkers in and around the Glass House in Dearborn, one thing's true — almost everyone's sporting the blue oval on the front pages of their web sites.… »1/25/07 2:57pm1/25/07 2:57pm