Live From John Dingell's New Cell Phone Lane At Detroit Metro!

Looks like folks here in Metro Detroit are already taking advantage of the new cell phone lane on John Dingell Drive (how many living members of the House of Representatives do you know with a street named after them?) at Detroit's Metro Airport. In fact it's becoming so popular there's even a camera crew there taking… »11/22/06 10:08am11/22/06 10:08am


Detroit Metro Airport's Dingell Lane Gets Park-And-Call Status

Although really, this helps out nobody except those out-of-town auto journalists coming in for the auto show who happen to have a mistress PR person here in Detroit waiting for them at the airport — but whatevs, for those three of you (and you know who you are!) — here's some important news. Metro Airport's McNamara… »11/21/06 6:06pm11/21/06 6:06pm