The Free Press Links 'I Have a Dream' To Sports Somehow

Fifty years ago in June, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. practiced the now-legendary "I Have a Dream" speech in Detroit before taking it to Washington D.C. a few months later, which is why we're talking about it today. Detroit's role in the groundbreaking address is something we're pretty proud of here. » 8/29/13 3:59pm 8/29/13 3:59pm

The Freep Is Sending Me Mixed Signals On How To Spend My Money

It's hard being a "millenial" in Detroit because we're broke in a broke city. Harder, still, is trying to figure out how best to navigate our brokeness when relying financial advice from our local news. » 5/28/13 9:45am 5/28/13 9:45am

Is The Freep's White Entrepreneurial Guy Hitting Back At Haters?

Josh Linkner, a venture capitalist who's business partners with Dan Gilbert and, as of a few months ago, a Detroit Free Press business columnist, took time from being fabulous to post a curious musing on the Freep's site. » 4/30/13 11:08am 4/30/13 11:08am

Amazon And Detroit Free Press Selling Book On Michigan's NCAA Victory

Did you watch the Michigan-Louisville game the other night? How good were those Wolverines, huh? Fab Five 2013! What a great time for the region, with the pride back in Detroit and now the pride back for the whole state! Go Michigan! » 4/10/13 2:44pm 4/10/13 2:44pm

Detroit Free Press accidentally prints great headline

Congrats to my former colleagues at the Detroit Free Press for embracing the opportunities of printed pages to write headlines whose real meanings emerge with a crease or two, like a newsy Mad Magazine Fold-In. Keep up the shift-talking! » 9/27/11 12:30pm 9/27/11 12:30pm

A World Without Detroit Newspaper Auto Coverage?

Today's the first without home delivery of Detroit's two daily newspapers. Think you won't be getting auto news ever again? Wrong! If you haven't seen their online auto sections, maybe now's the time. [Freep, DetroitNews]
» 3/30/09 3:35pm 3/30/09 3:35pm

Random Guy Who Delivers Gas Predicts Prices To Reach $4 Per Gallon!

It looks like there's very little in the way left of a respite on the gas pricing front, with the cost-per-gallon of the dead-dinosaur stuff costing more than 12 cents more this week in Michigan than the week prior according to the Freep. That pegs a gallon of gas at around $2.81 a gallon — 11 cents higher than they… » 4/09/07 11:45am 4/09/07 11:45am

The Detroit Free Press Wants To Hear Ford Workers Cry

The Freep's put out a plea to workers in the glass house who've got until today, the last day for the last wave of FoMoCo salaried workers, to accept buyout packages. The Freep's looking for your sob stories, and to "describe the scene and emotions as coworkers decide on their future." You can either call the Freep or… » 2/19/07 5:41pm 2/19/07 5:41pm

Big Blue Oval Day: Didn't The Wall Street Journal Get The Memo?

Well, there's one big story on everyone in the auto industry's mind — what's up with FoMoCo's 2006 earnings? Although it was expected by all but the biggest Kool-Aid drinkers in and around the Glass House in Dearborn, one thing's true — almost everyone's sporting the blue oval on the front pages of their web sites.… » 1/25/07 2:57pm 1/25/07 2:57pm

Maximum Freepage: Detroit Paper Picks Car, Truck of the Year

We've always been uncomfortable calling the Detroit Free Press "Freep," an obvious diminutive for its relative tongue-twister of a name. Such cuteness doesn't make us think of hard-boiled newsmen facing down minus-10-degree wind chills to chase an elusive lead on the wrong side of town, stopping only to knock back a… » 12/22/05 8:34am 12/22/05 8:34am