Emerson Fittipaldi To Pace 2008 Detroit Grand Prix in E85 Corvette Z06

At today's NextCruise announcement, automakers dragged out their leanest, meanest, greenest vehicles as a backdrop for the action. Of course, the fact that they were all SUVs was a bit ironic. But also on hand was a hot Corvette Z06 modified for Detroit Grand Prix pace duty and sipping E85 fuel. While no announcement… » 7/23/08 4:00pm 7/23/08 4:00pm

Jalopnik Does The Detroit Grand Prix At Belle Isle

Racing's returned to Belle Isle in Detroit and we'll be there to cover all of the ALMS and IndyCar action live. Keep your eyes on our Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix tag throughout the weekend for all the hot racing action. » 9/02/07 11:59pm 9/02/07 11:59pm

Tony Kanaan, Danica Patrick Go First, Second In Crash-Filled Finish To…

Tony Kanaan wins the IndyCar race here at the Detroit Grand Prix, and Danica Patrick took second place in her best ever finish after a shocking last lap and a half. Just before the white flag came up a number of drivers were involved in some "contact" that included "the wall" and "other drivers." Oh and Dan Wheldon… » 9/02/07 6:14pm 9/02/07 6:14pm

Mini Scooters: The Official Paddock Transport Of Danica Patrick And All…

First it was Marco Andretti on his li'l scooter and now we've caught Danica Patrick on one just outside of the paddock here on Belle Isle at the Detroit Grand Prix. Which got us noticing there's a lot of these things out here today. Here's our gallery of the little Paddock cruisin' moped-looking things. We're going to… » 9/02/07 3:41pm 9/02/07 3:41pm

IndyCar Fans At The Detroit Grand Prix Are Like Vultures, Clawing At…

I'm telling you, the IndyCar fans here at the Detroit Grand Prix — they're like vultures, hungry for the flesh of young drivers. Maybe they're not as bad as Nascar fans, but certainly worse than the countless dozens of fans in the paddock yesterday for ALMS racing. We happened to be walking through the paddock when… » 9/02/07 1:03pm 9/02/07 1:03pm

How Did Dan Wheldon Already Crash His IndyCar At The Detroit Grand Prix?

IndyCar warm-up just finished, and the only news of note was Dan Wheldon in the #10 Target car. Wheldon managed to get himself into a bit of a dustup with a wall (Ben thinks it was another car, but neither of us is really 100% certain — the point is he dirtied up his car) in one of the later practice laps. We're… » 9/02/07 11:53am 9/02/07 11:53am

Five Questions For Today's Detroit Grand Prix IndyCar Race

We're up and runnin' today from the Corvette chalet here in the middle of the Detroit River to finish off our Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix coverage with some hot IndyCar racing action. So whether you're coming to the race today, watching it on ABC at 3:30 or reading our live-blog here (hint-hint) here's five… » 9/02/07 9:53am 9/02/07 9:53am

Spoiler Alert! Penske Racing's Romain Dumas Wins In Last Second Stunner!

The home town boy's team made it happen when it counted here at the Detroit Grand Prix — at the very last second. On the 106th lap, Romain Dumas took his Porsche RS Spyder to the checkered flag here on Belle Isle, propelling Penske Racing to the win, and making Detroit native and Penske Racing owner, Roger Penske, a… » 9/01/07 6:15pm 9/01/07 6:15pm

Helio's Still The Man, Snags The Big Pole For Detroit Grand Prix…

Yup, Helio's still the man — mostly because now he's sitting atop the pole for tomorrow's IndyCar race with a speed of 103.401 mph for Team Penske. That's almost as hot as the two lovely ladies he had with him last year at Indy. [Detroit News] » 9/01/07 5:15pm 9/01/07 5:15pm

First report in - #22 Esperante loses brakes but all is well, some rubbing between an LMP and a Porsche and one showing of the pace car. Early leaders: LMP1- MkNish (Audi), LMP2 - Briscoe (Porsche), GT1 - Magnussen (Corvette), GT2 - Salo (Ferrari) » 9/01/07 4:08pm 9/01/07 4:08pm

The Penske Porsches Are Coming! The Penske Porsches Are Coming!

The Corvettes aren't the only ones heading out the paddock. With the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix ALMS race just 45 minutes away, the Penske Racing Porsche RS Spyders have up, revved and run their 480 horsepower engines out of the paddock just the same as their yellow brethren. These are the same Penske Porsches that… » 9/01/07 2:45pm 9/01/07 2:45pm

The ALMS Race Is About To Start, Here Come The Corvettes

The Corvettes are leaving the paddock and heading over to the track. Enjoy the bright yellow beauty, or as Nick Hogan would call it — bright yellow P***y magnetism. Watch out for the dropping panties.
» 9/01/07 2:15pm 9/01/07 2:15pm

ALMS Unboxing: Audi RS4 GT2

After a morning of running around from one photo op to another, taillights in a trailer stopped me in my tracks. Was ist das? Das ist ein Auto - ein uber Auto! I had stumbled onto the unboxing of a GT2 class Audi RS4. That sound your hear is Johnny's high pitched squeal of envy. If only I had a video camera so as to… » 9/01/07 1:42pm 9/01/07 1:42pm