The Toyota Furia Concept Asks: Why Are You Still Buying Corollas, America?

Do not buy a Toyota Corolla. Do not let your loved ones buy a Toyota Corolla. I know you can't stop them. Something about a jelly bean with mediocre performance, outdated design, and crappy features is just too damn appealing to them but you must prevent it. Get them to buy a Mazda3 or a Ford Focus or a Hyundai… »1/14/13 5:00pm

Bentley Is Making The Fastest Four-Seat Convertible You'll Never Freaking Own, Ever

Bentley sure isn't afraid of color lately. The new 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible was draped in a silky, vivid purple tarp right before its unveiling, the car on display was a rich, bold blue, and the video shown behind it was $200,000 worth of Fanta Grape-colored car. They're pretty bold,… »1/14/13 2:51pm