How To Drive In Detroit Without Being A Jackass (And The Time I Almost Killed Dodge)

Kids in Detroit are taught to hustle as early as elementary school. There is a company in metro Detroit called Morley Candy Company. The candy company offers schools across the state, but especially in Detroit, opportunities for fundraisers by selling chocolate bars, truffles, summer sausage, and other seasonal… »11/16/15 2:02pm11/16/15 2:02pm


Here's The New Ford GT Mule Just Cruising Around Detroit, No Big Deal

In some parts of the country, like California, the really hot and cold states, or Michigan, you may just get lucky when you’re out driving and spot a mule. Most of the time they’re pretty boring — new sedans, new trucks, new crossovers, etc. I saw a Bentley Bentayga mule on may way to San Francisco last week. But one… »8/21/15 4:48pm8/21/15 4:48pm

Peak Retrofuturism and the Man Responsible for the Ford GT

The retrofuturism movement among American car companies in the early 2000s spawned some truly awful looking cars, chief among them was of course the Chrysler PT Cruiser. The PT Cruiser, and by extension the Chevy HHR, became the wayback machines of choice for boomers desperately looking for any way to relive their… »8/19/15 5:59pm8/19/15 5:59pm

A Tale Of Many Restarts With Magnus Racing On Detroit's Belle Isle

You know the one type of track most of us will never get to drive, even if we're hardcore track dorks? A temporary street circuit. Detroit's Belle Isle is one of the prettier ones and Magnus Racing threw a camera in their Porsche 911 GT America to capture this series of chaotic restarts. »11/19/14 6:49pm11/19/14 6:49pm

Detroit's Under-Funded Fire Departments Use a Soda Can For a Fire Alarm

Where absent money leaves gaps, ingenuity fills in. Nowhere is that more true than in Detroit's fire departments, where, as Detroit Free Press reporter Tresa Baldas shows us, a soda can full of jangling coins and screws alerts the Motor City's long-suffering heroes when there's an emergency. »9/06/14 9:20am9/06/14 9:20am

Remembering Car Design's Golden Age Through The Eyes of Its Designers

American car design reached its experimental, optimistic zenith in the post-WWII era. Yet for every car built, hundreds of sketches and concepts were destroyed, the designers who penned them working in corporate anonymity. This new documentary works to bring these aging designers and their beautiful concept work back… »9/03/14 3:49pm9/03/14 3:49pm