Movie Stars Hawking Cars On TV Is At Least As Old As The 1957 DeSoto

Fellow UT Austin alum Matthew McConaughey has recently gotten quite a bit of ribbing for his Lincoln commercials, but the twang-toned actor is far from the first movie star to hawk cars on TV. Way back in 1957, actress Jeanne Crain tried to convince middle-class Americans to purchase Chrysler's DeSoto. »11/01/14 12:00pm11/01/14 12:00pm


What Car Is Superman Trashing On The Action Comics No. 1 Cover?

Superman's been on minds lately, what with that new movie and the story of a man finding an original Superman-introducing 1938 Action Comics 1 in the walls of his house, and that's got me thinking. You know what else is on the cover of Action Comics 1, other than a very strong man in ankle boots and a bodysuit? A car. »5/23/13 12:25pm5/23/13 12:25pm

Your Plymouth Pursued By Repo Men In A DeSoto? Hide By The Isotta-Fraschini!

All the film geeks say that Sunset Boulevard is one of the best movies ever made, and they're right. You hear a lot of talk about Norma Desmond's Isotta-Fraschini, but what about the repo-ripe '46 Plymouth driven by Joe Gillis in the beginning of the film (not to mention the '48 DeSoto belonging to the repo men)? We… »6/17/08 4:20pm6/17/08 4:20pm

PCH, Off-Brand Station Wagon Edition: Firedome or Provincial?

Some grumbling about the non-wagon nature of yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll (which was won, unsurprisingly, by the '38 Traction-Avant) was heard around these parts, but I usually write PCH posts the night before... and the Maximum Wagon Day thing just sort of happened without warning. So, even though we've seen »2/21/08 5:03pm2/21/08 5:03pm