"Multiplier" Mobile Parking Garage Is A Brilliant Idea

When you drove to watch fireworks this weekend and every parking space for blocks was taken, think about how much easier everything would have been if this concept were a reality. It's the Multiplier — a mobile, modular parking structure. » 7/06/10 4:00pm 7/06/10 4:00pm

Moonstream Is A Winnebago For The Moon

When you find yourself deep in the Sea of Tranquility doing deep-crust mass-spectroscopy analysis and traveling from the lunar north pole to the south, wouldn't it be nice if you had some decent viewing portals? An Armani Exchange-decorated lunar rover would be just the ticket, but where to get one? Why, from… » 6/11/08 7:00pm 6/11/08 7:00pm