First Video of Chicago Airport Train Derailing and Going Up a Stairwell

On Monday a Blue Line subway train at Chicago's O'Hare airport jumped the rails and then proceeded to plow its way up a set of stairs and escalators. And just a few days later security footage of the incident has finally been released. Not surprisingly, it looks like a real life action movie—minus the Hollywood-style… » 3/26/14 9:25am 3/26/14 9:25am

Trains Derail In Canada, Russia, Killing Five And Injuring Many More

This has been a terrible weekend for travel. Seriously, just stay inside. Don't go anywhere. Wait until Mercury is unretrograded, or whatever. Pack a bug-out bag. Is that what the kids are calling them these days? » 7/07/13 3:57pm 7/07/13 3:57pm