What car do you hope to purchase when it depreciates in value?

As a general rule, new cars are expensive, especially the performance models that car lovers lust after. Even if you can't afford to purchase the car you lust after when it's brand new, as long as it's not something super rare or exotic, chances are eventually you might get a chance at owning your dream car for a… »10/01/11 5:00pm10/01/11 5:00pm

Depreciation Party PT.2 - Detroit Housing Market So Bad, Cars Cost More

From our not-friends over at the gross soda/chocolate milk news site comes a story that frankly, shocked me as a Detroiter. Houses are going to auction at unheard of rates so low that it's cheaper(d'oh) more costly to buy a used car. Probably a better investment too considering the taxes are lower on a rusting heap… »3/19/07 7:10pm3/19/07 7:10pm