Inside Dodge's secret garage

The gang at AutoWeek talked Dodge into letting them video a tour of the Detroit-area warehouse where Dodge keeps the family jewels, from Le Mans-winning Vipers to Power Wagons and even the original Neon concept. But why is the big-wheel Hemi there? » 4/27/11 1:30pm 4/27/11 1:30pm

Detroit Auto Show: Dodge Demon to be Based on Chinese Chery

Chrysler has announced that the production version of the Dodge Demon concept will be based on a front-wheel drive Chery platform. Chrysler is already planning a b-segment Chery based compact for 2009, expect the Demon to follow a year or two later. [Via eGM CarTech] » 1/14/08 4:00pm 1/14/08 4:00pm

Chrysler A-Body With Truck Bed Poll: Valiantpage or Demonpage?

We've seen all manner of Ford and GM cars with truck beds added, but it's not so easy to find Chrysler cars that have been so equipped. In fact, the last one we saw here was the Chargepage. But now our eagle-eyed readers have spotted not one but two truck-bed-havin' Chrysler A-bodies for sale on eBay, and we need to… » 1/14/08 10:30am 1/14/08 10:30am

Chrysler Design Boss: Building the Dodge Demon "Foremost in My Mind"

Chrysler's design capo Trevor Creed says the time is right for the new, private-equity-owned Chrysler to build the Demon roadster. If you'll recall, the Demon debuted at the Geneva auto show earlier this year to rave reviews from the European and American motoring establishment. But some wonder if the s-m-all roadster… » 8/17/07 10:45am 8/17/07 10:45am

Dodge Viper Burned At The Stake

You know what's great about Every God damn thing. Oops! I shouldn't take the Lord's name in vain like that, or some Slavic kook might burn my computer down. Who knew that on top of all their other problems, Russia has reactionary religious maniacs to deal with? Long story short, the numbers "666"… » 6/08/07 12:30pm 6/08/07 12:30pm

Chrysler Celebrates 20 Years Of Concept Design With A Drive-By Of The…

Curse us for being out of town last week! In addition to showing off the two new SEMA Jeep designs we highlighted last week (the JT and the Ultimate), it appears the Chrysler group team spent some time tooling about downtown Royal Oak, MI in their newest batch of auto show concept cars. It was all part of some 20-year… » 5/28/07 6:48pm 5/28/07 6:48pm

And In New York...There Was A Blizzard!

Ok, not really, but the few flakes we did see yesterday outside the Javits Center as we left another New York Auto Show were significantly more than those I saw during the 60-degree-plus temperatures we had in Detroit during the LA Auto Show. But because that didn't stop Times freelancer Jerry Garrett from making the… » 4/06/07 9:30pm 4/06/07 9:30pm

Lost in Translation: Dodge Demon Not Quite Green, Surely Not Lit

We're not quite sure which green light AutoExpress is referring to here. But in the New World we only use "green light" to refer to cars slated to be built. Maybe they know something we don't (not unlikely) when the mag confirms the Demon will be out next year. Then again, maybe in the UK the term has a far less… » 3/20/07 3:29pm 3/20/07 3:29pm

Geneva Showcase: Dodge Demon Concept

Eyeballing the Dodge Demon concept in person, we're sure the company's got a prototype worth building. Combining crisp lines and soft curves, designers have found that elusive butch middle-ground that neither alienates nor emasculates. Of course, we're not the ones who must make a business case for a niche, specialty… » 3/07/07 3:10am 3/07/07 3:10am

Geneva Pre-Show: Dodge's Demon-ic Concept Car

Chrysler Group's been pushing the Dodge brand to the European market in hardcore fashion. Take as most recent evidence the new Dodge Demon roadster prototype the company's planning to roll out at the Geneva show next month. For visual guidance, picture a Mazda MX-5 birthed in the seventh ring of Hell (home to the… » 2/12/07 6:00am 2/12/07 6:00am