Chrysler A-Body With Truck Bed Poll: Valiantpage or Demonpage?

We've seen all manner of Ford and GM cars with truck beds added, but it's not so easy to find Chrysler cars that have been so equipped. In fact, the last one we saw here was the Chargepage. But now our eagle-eyed readers have spotted not one but two truck-bed-havin' Chrysler A-bodies for sale on eBay, and we need to… »1/14/08 10:30am1/14/08 10:30am

Chrysler Design Boss: Building the Dodge Demon "Foremost in My Mind"

Chrysler's design capo Trevor Creed says the time is right for the new, private-equity-owned Chrysler to build the Demon roadster. If you'll recall, the Demon debuted at the Geneva auto show earlier this year to rave reviews from the European and American motoring establishment. But some wonder if the s-m-all roadster… »8/17/07 10:45am8/17/07 10:45am

Chrysler Celebrates 20 Years Of Concept Design With A Drive-By Of The Jalopnik Detroit Bureau

Curse us for being out of town last week! In addition to showing off the two new SEMA Jeep designs we highlighted last week (the JT and the Ultimate), it appears the Chrysler group team spent some time tooling about downtown Royal Oak, MI in their newest batch of auto show concept cars. It was all part of some 20-year… »5/28/07 6:48pm5/28/07 6:48pm

Lost in Translation: Dodge Demon Not Quite Green, Surely Not Lit

We're not quite sure which green light AutoExpress is referring to here. But in the New World we only use "green light" to refer to cars slated to be built. Maybe they know something we don't (not unlikely) when the mag confirms the Demon will be out next year. Then again, maybe in the UK the term has a far less… »3/20/07 3:29pm3/20/07 3:29pm