Watch 450 Pounds of Dynamite Take Down a Power Plant

Out with the old, in with the new. Earlier this week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Florida Power & Light Co. demolished one of its power plants with 450 pounds of dynamite to make way for a cleaner and more eco-friendly plant that's slated to open in 2016. The Port Everglades plant had been in operation since the… » 7/17/13 1:45pm 7/17/13 1:45pm

10 Mesmerizing GIFs of Giant Buildings Being Demolished

We tend to think of demolition as destructive: dynamite, dust, and plenty of fireworks. But as a New York Times article recently described, demolition in dense cities is, more and more often, a "stealth" operation, where a building is dismantled over a number of weeks. » 7/01/13 9:59am 7/01/13 9:59am

Bear Demolition Team Hates Your Non-Hybrid Sub-Compact

I should have been listening to Steven Colbert this entire time, but noooo. And now I witness a sub-compact ZAZ being subjected to the wrath of...bears! I know what's the source of the bears' rage, too—it's the environment. If we don't shape up and start driving the hell out of hybrids and other alternative energy » 2/19/08 4:40pm 2/19/08 4:40pm

Anyone Care for Some Shredded Dodge Daytona?

SSI products, makers of industrial shredding equipment, has a marketing angle which makes us think they're geniuses. Take suggestions on what to shred, then once a month shred something and post the video. Brilliant! This is their shredding archive, and it contains the demise of everything from soccer balls to… » 1/22/08 9:00am 1/22/08 9:00am