Watch the crazy activity of a UPS truck parking lot during the holidays

We're at the peak of the busiest delivery season of the year. To prove how mad it is, Animal New York recorded this insane 24-hour time-lapse of a UPS parking lot packed with truck trailers behind its office in Hell's Kitchen—"Due to space constraints, this plays out like an real life game of Tetris." »12/20/13 11:51am12/20/13 11:51am

This Domino's Drone Strike Is Pizza Delivery's Dystopian Future

Is this pizza-delivering drone from Dominos just a publicity stunt, or a tantalizing look at the future of food delivery? Because while the eight-bladed DomiCopter is a little impractical given it needs a skilled pilot, eventually autonomous drones will be capable of delivering a piping hot pizza in mere minutes… »6/04/13 5:43pm6/04/13 5:43pm

1915 Buick Express Delivery, With Exposed Valve-In-Head Motor

Here's something you don't see every day — a 92-year-old four-cylinder Buick engine purring away like a kitten, hanging out just off Woodward Avenue »8/16/08 2:40pm8/16/08 2:40pm. This Buick truck is in largely unrestored condition and fired up on the very first crank of the hand starter. The truck is equipped with a "Valve-in-Head Engine", with…