Electric Car Home-Brewers Volting Their Rides

Not content to wait for the major automakers to show up with their expensive Chevy Volts or Electric Cubes, regular folks are home-brewing their own electric vehicles. While the results you get with golf-cart batteries aren't quite the same as what you get with, say, Li-Ion batteries (usually just 20 to 40 miles on an… » 8/14/08 1:40pm 8/14/08 1:40pm

Maybe The Force Can Help The H-Wing Carfighter-amino, Luke

Holy hell, we thought we'd seen it all. We were wrong. It turns out the Honda Del Sol can not only be customized — it also can be retrofitted with a hyperspace drive, an R2 unit and some various assorted and sundry post-Clone War tech goodies. Chewie'd be proud. Of course we'll need Chewie — and a good hydrospanner… » 5/22/06 8:40am 5/22/06 8:40am