That's Not A Custom Exhaust, THIS Is A Custom Exhaust; Japanese Tuner Car Fun

Oh land of the rising sun, you complete us. Whether it be dekotora » 11/03/08 5:40pm 11/03/08 5:40pm, , custom , or cartoony car like the ones shown here, Japanese tuners make us laugh and cry, inspiring and frightening all while being endlessly amusing. How many aftermarket pharmaceuticals do you have to be on to come up with some of this stuff? We…

Dekotora Driving Game Revealed For Nintendo Wii, Our Minds Officially Blown

Take our love for driving sims like the Gran Turismo series and combine it with our fixation with dekotora trucks and you get what we consider to be the most Jalopnik game of all time: Zenkoku Dekotora Matsuri. From what we can tell from the trailer, Japanese Elvis wants you to buy, customize and drive around in your… » 3/01/08 2:00pm 3/01/08 2:00pm

Since You've Been Extra Good This Week: Pakistani Dekotora

You know a meme has reached its defining moment when it transcends itself. Like a jukebox hero with stars in his eyes, these Pakistani Dekotora have reached for the mic of fate and while displaying mastery of the material, achieved their own awesome spin. These trucks are a result of nearly the same phenomenon which… » 2/15/08 2:30pm 2/15/08 2:30pm

Awesome Dekotora Photography Now in Book Form

Photographer Masaru Tatsuki has done the world a great service and captured the majesty that is Dekotora in a book for all to own. In an interview with PingMag, Masura recalls how he spent nearly ten years living amongst the Dekotora truckers, getting ensconced in their culture, understanding their passions. It was… » 2/02/08 11:00am 2/02/08 11:00am

It Is Good, Densely: Blast Running's Dekotora Madness

As far as we can tell this is the opening sequence from a Dekotora driving game called Blast Running. Computerized translation produced the description for the video, which in turn became the headline for this post. Dekotora driving games evidently continue on for Playstation. We're saving up our pennies for … » 5/23/07 5:30pm 5/23/07 5:30pm

Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear SUPER EXCEED!

No, really. We don't make this stuff up. The third generation of the mighty Delica boasted a turbodiesel powerplant and 4WD. This capability along with plenty of mirrors, lights, nerf bars, ladders, and roof racks transcended the Delica beyond mere space wagon and into super classification. The Super Exceed was also… » 1/31/07 11:28am 1/31/07 11:28am

Question of the Day: What's on Your Dekotora?

Never let it be said that Jalopnik does not love the dekotora. Combining big-truck badassness with Mobile Suit space-ageosity and pachinko-parlor chintz, the decorated trucks are simply some of the most outrageous custom vehicles ever made. We, naturally, would start with a Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great in cement-mixer… » 1/28/07 5:22am 1/28/07 5:22am