Earnhardt Joins Hendrick, Hendrick Kicks Busch To Curb

We've just learned Dale Jr's going to the team that's pretty much the Dominator of the sport these day — Hendrick Motorsports. But since Nascar only allows a team to have four drivers, and Hendrick's already got four — we've been wondering who's it gonna be? Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson are both proven winners… » 6/13/07 12:45pm 6/13/07 12:45pm

Mooresville, NC Becomes Nexus of Redneck Glitz Hell for a Day: Bo Bice…

The headline says it all, really: NASCAR-noveau meets the post-American-Idol apocalypse. On their way from a gig in Columbia, SC to one in Spartanburg, Bo Bice's band, Sugarland Money, popped in at DEI to check out the cars and were shown around by Daughter of Ironhead, Taylor Earnhardt. We'd go on, but there's… » 3/22/06 3:17pm 3/22/06 3:17pm