Since You've Been Extra Good This Week: Pakistani Dekotora

You know a meme has reached its defining moment when it transcends itself. Like a jukebox hero with stars in his eyes, these Pakistani Dekotora have reached for the mic of fate and while displaying mastery of the material, achieved their own awesome spin. These trucks are a result of nearly the same phenomenon which… »2/15/08 2:30pm2/15/08 2:30pm

Reindeer Conversion Kit is Just the Right Amount of Tackiness

Not getting the attention you think you deserve in your completely unmodded Civic? We've got the body kit for you. It may not be the coolest of conversions we have seen around these parts, but it is definitely the most festive and beats the hell out of those antenna ball character things. This so-called kit includes… »12/11/07 4:30pm12/11/07 4:30pm