Question of the Day: What is Your Automotive Nemesis?

We all have one. Whether it's that Boss 428 with the Detroit Lokkas that you just can't beat in a straight line, a Park Avenue 'Scraper that insults your automotive aesthetic or the stupid motorcycle cop with the radar gun that hides behind the telephone pole on Riverside Drive (yeah, him), somebody is always out to… »4/18/07 12:00pm4/18/07 12:00pm


I Am The Gert: Riding Shotgun In A Se7en Over Decker Canyon

For part 47 of "Why My Job Is Better than Your Job," I direct your attention to how I spent my Saturday. Turns out that Jalopnik blabbermouth commenter and all around righteous dude Al Navarro is president of, a new club dedicated to all cars inspired by the legendary Lotus 7. He sent the Postfather a query… »2/12/07 12:00pm2/12/07 12:00pm