GM Puts On Rose-Colored Glasses; Hands In Front Of Eyes, Thinks You Can't See It Anymore

Delphi's in bankruptcy court and simultaneously planning on dropping a few million on executive bonuses. The UAW's going to authorize a strike, like, yesterday. Negotiations between the two have basically stalled with the two acting like arguing sibling's — all the while GM's sitting over in the back seat — teetering… »5/15/06 8:46am

More Truth About the GM Death Watch: One Look at the Numbers, You'll Pine and Die

Farago goes all Turbo and Ozone on GM's happy-happy, joy-joy numerology re: the new Tahoe, raining on their parade with the vigor of an incontinent deity fresh outta god-size Depends. Which, you know, he might be. We're still not sure on that count. And the man, who can't really be anti-SUV because he owns one (two… »2/16/06 5:48pm