The Truthiness About The GM Death Watch: Calling Bull On Merrill Lynch

Uh-oh boys and girls, Robert Farago's at it again! This time, he's taking the bull by the horns in his two most recent episodes of the GM Death Watch. But he should be careful, cause this bull is none other than the biggest and most well-known full-service financial institution in the world, Merrill Lynch. Undaunted… » 6/02/06 1:55pm 6/02/06 1:55pm

GM Puts On Rose-Colored Glasses; Hands In Front Of Eyes, Thinks You…

Delphi's in bankruptcy court and simultaneously planning on dropping a few million on executive bonuses. The UAW's going to authorize a strike, like, yesterday. Negotiations between the two have basically stalled with the two acting like arguing sibling's — all the while GM's sitting over in the back seat — teetering… » 5/15/06 8:46am 5/15/06 8:46am

The Truth About The GM Death Watch: Farago Goes All Contrarian

Now that the media's got themselves all caught up on the narrative of GM teetering on the brink of bankruptcy — Farago's decided to go all contrarian on the narrative he helped to create. And by contrarian we don't mean he's changed the name to the "GM Life Watch" — rather, he provides some non-Delphi-or-UAW reasons… » 5/10/06 10:30am 5/10/06 10:30am

Supplies! The Truth About the GM Death Watch

Remember in the "Weird Al" Yankovic vehicle UHF when Gedde Watanabe and his posse of karate students are hiding in a supply-closet when the baddies open the door and the martial-arts experts all yell "Supplies!" and proceed to mop the floor with their thuggish, clueless asses? Yeah, cheap joke, but that's kinda what… » 2/23/06 10:13pm 2/23/06 10:13pm

More Truth About the GM Death Watch: One Look at the Numbers, You'll…

Farago goes all Turbo and Ozone on GM's happy-happy, joy-joy numerology re: the new Tahoe, raining on their parade with the vigor of an incontinent deity fresh outta god-size Depends. Which, you know, he might be. We're still not sure on that count. And the man, who can't really be anti-SUV because he owns one (two… » 2/16/06 5:48pm 2/16/06 5:48pm

The Truth About the GM Death Watch: Pricing for Dollars

GM's sales boss, Mark LaNeve, mentioned yesterday at the Los Angeles auto show that the company was moving forward with its anti-rebate, value pricing strategy — cutting sticker prices on certain models to reflect their real-world value. Sound familiar? It's a lot like the company's "Total Value Promise" plan that… » 1/06/06 2:02pm 1/06/06 2:02pm

The Truth About the GM Death Watch: Kirk to Enterprise

Farago's latest savage flogging of the house built by a man with the middle name of "Crapo" continues with riffs on Dallas, the sinking of the Titanic, and of course tag-team partners Jerry York and Kirk Kerkorian. Using Daniel Gross' Slate analysis of the board, he accuses the execs of not cutting off their Rick nor… » 12/27/05 3:41pm 12/27/05 3:41pm

The Truth About the GM Death Watch: The Product Problemo

We couldn't help but run this screenshot from this morning's Detroit News story on Kerkorian's stock dump. Ironically in my haste to post on the hot news early this morning, I didn't check with Spinelli, who was writing about the exact same thing at the exact same time. So for a minute or two, a couple of eagle-eyed… » 12/21/05 3:27pm 12/21/05 3:27pm

The Truth About the GM Death Watch: Fixing Wagoner's Wagon

In the latest installment of Farago's GM Death Watch, he lasers in on the skills of GM boss Richard Wagoner, specifically those of leadership. By taking the path of least resistance, Farago says — otherwise defined as serving too many masters other than his own gut — the CEO is doing no more than forestalling an… » 12/15/05 1:57pm 12/15/05 1:57pm

The Truth About the GM Death Watch: Skipping Towards Gomorrah

All right Farago, you give us Joan Didion, we give you Dan Savage. And given the righteous rectal plunging GM's giving practically everyone in its path (other than its competitors), why not? Billy Idol's favorite hypnotic voice calls out Rick Wagoner's self-styled stance as the tough doc administering the medicine… » 11/22/05 4:10pm 11/22/05 4:10pm

The Truth About the GM Death Watch: Bureaucracy not Meritocracy

This week, Robert Farago turns away from all the current cost-structure talk about GM's pension liabilities and union-contract obligations, and looks into its corporate culture. The shift comes on the retirement occasion of Corvette Chief Engineer Dave Hill. Hill, if you'll recall, was the genius who — given carte… » 10/31/05 4:40pm 10/31/05 4:40pm

The Truth About the GM Death Watch: What's GM Saving

If Farago's calculations are correct GM's deal with the UAW is nothing but an exercise in zero-sum accounting. In his latest GM Death Watch column, he examines the details we know about the agreement — as it's been reported — for signs of cost savings for GM, whose losses and cash drain has been epic of late. His… » 10/25/05 12:34pm 10/25/05 12:34pm

The Truth About the GM Death Watch: Agreement Aschmeement?

The recently reported agreement between General Motors and the United Auto Workers was announced just as GM's third-quarter losses were made public. As a result, good news outshone bad, GM's stock price rose over two bucks and media outlets sent out their customary missives suggesting the d tente would turn the… » 10/18/05 2:58pm 10/18/05 2:58pm

The Truth About the GM Death Watch: Whistling Past the Graveyard

GM began the launch phase of its new-generation large SUVs this week with the 2007 Tahoe, whose one-mile-per-gallon improvement over its predecessor is being touted as a marketable benefit. To be fair, the trucks' displacement-on-demand system will offer interstate right-lane huggers a slice of relief, though boat… » 9/21/05 2:09pm 9/21/05 2:09pm